Get to the folder!

As The Collector, ole Smutty has amassed a massive porn portfolio. I’ll share as much as I can here, but if you’d like to get your hands some at your own pace, then there is a solution: on-demand folder access! I need somewhere to store all this smut, so rest assured that every DONATION goes towards funding our cloud hosting platform, which costs a pretty penny every month.

Here’s what’s available (so far):



The Booty Queen


Anal Appetite 3


Anal Auditions


The Booty Movie 2


A $2 donation for each full-length video.

A $10 donation for all five videos.

DONATIONS provide full, around-the-clock access. Watch. Download. Share with ya mutha. Do whatever you want!

BBW video folder

A $3 donation for all 698 videos.


X-Mas folder

A $2 donation for all 720 photos

Russian MILF folder

A $2 donation for all 458 files.

German MILF

$2 donation for all 140 photos.

For more info, email smuttymac at assnskirts dot com